This should answer most of your questions and get you ready to host one of the best parties ever with one of our bounce houses. It is really easy; there are just a few things that you need to know to prepare for them.

Make reservations early.
We are booking from 2-4 weeks in advance. In order to guarantee the bounce house you are interested in, submit a reservation form online or call us at 541-440-8925. We will return your call as soon as possible to make the reservation or confirm one you have made online and guarantee your selection.

Provide a flat level area for the unit to set on.
Review the specifications for the size of area needed on the bouncer page of your choice. Most bouncers need 17 feet by 17 feet of clearance and 20 feet of vertical clearance. We prefer to set up on grass, but will set up on concrete or other surfaces as your needs require. We ask that sprinklers be turned off and all twigs, rocks, toys and pet droppings be removed from the bounce site. We will need to know what type of surface you plan on using in advance in order to properly prepare and set up in time for your event.

Provide Adequate Continuous Power.
You will need to locate a circuit that is not being used by any other electrical appliances. Our blowers pull from 7 to 10 amps. You should locate circuits that have high amp ratings such as 15 or 20 as indicated on the circuit breaker. The blowers run continuously and run on about 9.5 amps and 110 volts, however initial start-up may require up to 15 amps. Most circuits are 20 amps. We want all kids to have un-interrupted fun throughout the party. The outlet should be within 75 feet to the rear of the set-up area. If you do not have a circuit that will provide enough electricity, you will need to provide a generator.

Plan to Provide Responsible Supervision.
We ask that you plan in advance to have a volunteer (or rotating volunteers) available to supervise the children. Our insurance requires that the leasing party of the inflatable equipment provide someone responsible to enforce the safety guidelines.

Make all Additional Necessary Arrangements.
If you are holding your event at a park, community center or other facility, you will need to make all the necessary arrangements, and obtain any permits with the facility before we arrive. You may need to supply electricity with a generator.

Douglas County Parks Main Office 541-957-7001.

Rain Policy.
Bounce houses are not meant to be used in the rain or adverse weather conditions. Rain causes the bounce houses to become slippery, and winds should not exceed 20 mph for safety. High winds could cause the bounce house to flip over or take flight. We at Jungle Jump reserve the right to cancel for adverse weather conditions at any time. If we cancel due to weather we will try to give at least 2 hours notice. In the event weather turns bad after set up, there are no refunds. If your rental is cancelled because of weather the deposit is refundable.

You are welcome to cancel anytime, but keep in mind there is a non-refundable deposit. If we recieve a 24 hr notice of cancellation prior to event, you will be given a credit of the deposit amount good for another rental for up to one year from reservation date.